1920's Culture


The 1920’s is a time period often associated with great prosperity and many changes. People were finding new and exciting ways to enjoy and express themselves. In the links below you will find art, poetry, music, and literature of the time period. I want you to look over these items and think about what they say about the culture of this time.
Al Capone


Click on your groups piece of 1920's culture. Look and read over your piece of 1920’s culture and write 5 things you find interesting about it and tell me what you think we can learn about the time period from this piece of 1920’s culture.

  1. "Admiring The Henri's" (John Trubee)
  2. "Jazzonia" (Langston Hughes)
  3. "‘Taint nobody’s bizness if I do" (Bessie Smith)
  4. "The Great Gatsbey" (F. Scott Fitzgerald)