7R American History

Your Wiki!

This wiki is a CLASSROOM wiki. It is intended for everyone in this class to add to it, edit it, and change it to teach each other about history. You will be teaching each other by adding or editing classroom projects, class discussions, or through other class created webpages. Please read through the rules thoroughly. If you have questions about the rules please talk to Mr. Larson.


  1. You will edit only yours or your group's information
  2. If you want to edit another persons information, you must get permission from the creator first
  3. You will not edit anything that I (Mr. Larson) place on this wiki
  4. You will give credit where it is due. You will not plagiarize.
  5. You will not place anything inappropriate on this wiki
  6. You will inform Mr. Larson immediately if you find anything inappropriate on the wiki
  7. If you have any questions about whether something is appropriate or whether there is something you can edit talk to Mr. Larson
  8. Also see Rules


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One way that we will be teaching each other on this wiki is though projects that you and your group members will be adding to the website. Much like we have used posters in class to teach about a particular topic in history, here you will be able to add information, pictures, audio, and even small movie clips to teach the class about various topics.

Class Discussions

Another way you will be adding to this wiki is through discussions. Please repond to the questions that Mr. Larson asks using complete sentences with proper spelling and grammar.


Here is where any other classroom created material will go.