7th Grade American History

Age of Discovery to the Civil War

Brief Overview

This course is designed examine major areas of American history from European settlement to the United States Civil War. In addition, assignments will aim to improve student skills with respect to organization, note-taking and critical thinking. Major topics will include:

First Trimester

Age of Exploration
Colonial America
American Revolution

Second Trimester

American Revolution Continued
Government and the Constitution

Third Trimester:

Foreign Conflicts
Westward Expansion
Causes of the Civil War


Homework will be listed every day on both the homework board and website. We will spend time the first weeks of class working on recording assignments and practicing the following policies:

Turning in:

Homework is due at 8:00 each morning. Please note that 8:00 does not mean after advisory. This allows me to have your worked graded and recorded before you return to class. The homework due box is located just inside my door with appropriate slots labeled for each class. Late assignments will be lowered one point.


Your work should follow MLA format, an example of which follows below; work that does not will not be accepted.

History 7A/B
Mr. Larson


Daily assignments will be worth ten points. Expectations for each of the possible scores are –

10: All questions are answered fully and correctly. You demonstrate mastery of the material and are not simply copying a single sentence from the reading.

9: All questions are answered, but there’s a minor flaw. Your responses may be short and incomplete, or your paper may be crumpled from being shoved into your backpack or book. (Or it is done fine, but you turned it in late.)

8: One or more questions are unanswered, but your paper is neat and the responses that you did complete are correct.

7: Two or more questions are unanswered and your paper looks like you used it as a placement under your cereal bowl.

6: You turned in something and did enough work that you deserve a bit of credit – maybe you answered one question. (I will most likely ask you to re-do it and take it as a late assignment to get more points.)

0: No work is turned in, or the quality of work turned in leaves me fearing for your sanity.

Throughout the year, all graded work will be assigned a point value. The point totals should make grades easy to compute at any point during the year.

Classroom Procedures

Daily Assignments:

After you enter class and record the night’s homework, you should take out your history spiral. Turn to the next clean page and write the date on the first line. The first minutes of class you will watch and take notes of current events. We will receive our current events news through CNN Student News. You will be able to access this news program online any time if you miss it in class. You may also subscribe to the podcast and watch it in itunes or on your ipod.

Current Events:

On alternating Fridays, we’ll have a current events quiz worth ten points. Topics will pertain to the notes students will take from CNN Student News. The purpose of these quizzes is to keep you generally aware of major national and world events.

Tests/ Quizzes:

You will be notified of any tests that will be given in class. Most quizzes will be announced; however there may be a pop quiz at the teacher’s discretion.

Class Notes:

Once class starts, you will need to take notes. You are responsible
for information that the teacher gives via PowerPoint, the board or any other method. We will use Cornell Notes, which you have practiced before.


You will be responsible for keeping up with all handouts and graded work. We will set up notebooks together this week – a white permanent section in the front followed by colored unit sections. Everything you receive should be hole-punched and should be filed in the back of the appropriate section. Every other Friday, we’ll have a notebook check at the start of class out of ten points. Not only will keeping up with your notebook help you stay organized and prepared, but it should also be an easy way to raise your grade.


The expectations that I expect to be followed in the classroom are:

1. Come to class prepared and on time.
2. Keep your hands, feet, and objects to yourself.
3. Raise your hand and wait to be called on.
4. Use kind and appropriate language.
5. Be considerate of school and personal property.


The consequences for inappropriate behavior in the classroom are three strikes and your out. I will give students 2 verbal warnings and on the 3rd one I will ask them to leave the classroom and sit in the hallway. If a student refuses to leave the classroom or continues to act in an inappropriate manner I will ask them to visit with Mr. Kvande and they will receive a conduct referral.